Workers' Compensation Overview

PRIUM has been servicing the Workers' Compensation industry since 1987.  Over that time, PRIUM has seen many changes in state regulations and industry expectations, as well as different products and services that are appropriate for each.  In each of those situations, PRIUM has been flexible and proactive in providing what the WC industry needs - Carriers,TPA's, self-managed employers, and even the states themselves.

PRIUM has:

  • Experience in every significant US jurisdiction (state)
  • Focused on inclusion of Evidence Based Medicine
  • Been URAC ( certified since 1997

PRIUM's current products and services have been distilled into three unique product suites, or combinations of services that fit unique requirements:

  • Utilization Review Suite - Peer review of medical care in the past, present and potential future for recommendations on appropriateness.  Read more ...
  • Prospective Review Suite - Peer review of medical care that by statute or payer requires permission before being delivered.  Read more ...
  • Pharmacy Review Suite - Peer review of the pharmaceutical component of medical care for reasonableness and scope of pain management.  Read more ...

    For more information on any of these products or services, please contact PRIUM at